Thursday, 27 August 2009


I am feeling very emotional just now. And it's not just because I'm blogging for the first time in a long while (forgive me) but because Helen has introduced me to 'spotify' and I am listening to music that is evoking strong memories. Memories of my late brother Mike and other members of my family, and there are quite a few of them, who have left this world for the next. Music can really do that can't it?
We are having a family gathering at our house this weekend (yes, a barbecue so sorry to have cursed the weather for you!) and it's the first time we will all be together for a long time. My sister will be there, she lost her daughter to Leaukemia many years ago but the pain of that loss remains ever present. All my brother Mikes' kids (and their mum) will be there but it won't seem right that their Dad is not there too. My eldest brother Tony died many years ago but I still think about him a lot. Mum and Dad are gone too as are all my aunts and uncles. I guess the next funerals will be ours! Now there's a happy thought for the Bank holiday weekend. looks like lots of cousins, nieces, nephews (and the 'Great' version of them!) are coming too. So....

Come on Pete snap out of it! Okay. We are going to have a good weekend and we don't care if it rains.

There is obviously too much to try and tell you about what's been going on but safe to say that, my emotions apart, everything at napac and on Planet Pete generally is going well. Those close to the charity probably know that I have just returned from South America where, amongst other things, we hiked the Inca Trail in Peru. And in the course of doing so, one of the party, our Treasurer Ken Newell, raised over £1300 for napac. When I can work out how, I will put the photos somewhere for you to see. Suffice to say, for now, how proud I was when the four of us reached Machu Picchu wearing our napac tee shirts. And yes, even on that amazing (and very tough) trek two people in our party of twelve disclosed that they had suffered childhood abuse. I can't get away from it..................what a world.

Yes, we met some truly wonderful people on our holiday. The challenge now I guess is to try and keep in touch. That shouldn't be such a big problem with this internet lark should it? We'll see. Look at me and my blogging record.

One thing's for sure. Scandinavia is another part of the world that needs a napac so watch out! We are looking to expand beyond our borders.

But in the shorter term we are planning our next big push in the UK. And that is establishing local napac support groups wherever they are needed. Quite a task. Quite a challenge. But we are up to it. We will need a lot of help (this might mean YOU!) but its the next big challenge and I know we are up to it. If you think you can help.............give me a call.

Would be good to hear from you. Well, the clock is telling me it's near that time. It's time to do battle on the Old Kent Road. White van driver is waiting for me so into my Lycra I must climb and onto the tarmac I must nose my bike. They might be cocooned in metal and plastic and have their music blaring (when they're not on their mobiles) and they may have engines, BUT I will be home before them!

Thought for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Jesus loves you. Think about it. It's a lovely thought!

Have a good one.
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