Wednesday, 16 December 2009

White Christmas?

Yes, it is snowing in London. How amazing is that? It rarely snows before Christmas so I bet the odds against a 'white One' will be slashed at the bookies today.

The ride home will be interesting! Scary, but intersting. It's been a while since I cycled in snow. Think I'll leave early!!!

Stay warm.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

We've moved!!!

But as I said in my last blog, our correspondence address remains the same so if you want to write in and you don't know where we actually are (because we only give our home address to friends and family...........and those with money) then it is still NAPAC 42 Curtain Road. London EC2A 3NH.

Did you see me on BBC TV News Channel on Sunday? No. Well go to the back of the class. I was talking about the scandal of the Catholic Chuch abuse cover-ups in Ireland. I tried to be balanced but it was hard. I was brought up as a Roman Catholic and the vast majority of them are fine Christian people.............BUT.........they've been lead by wolves in sheeps clothing and it's about time the people took back their Church from the devils' people who seem to run it.

Enough of that. I start to get angry and slam the key board when I think about priests and others abusing children.

And I just read that Vanessa George (nursery nurse!)has received an indeterminate public protection jail sentence for her hideous crimes against little tots. I hope the judges comment is right and that this woman will not see the light of day until the 'experts' deem her not to be a threat to children any more.

Well Christmas is fast approaching and I cannot believe how nice our new little office is. It's almost luxurious...........though I do miss our former neighbours.

Last year the staff Christmas dinner was in our local Weatherspoons at Elephant and Castle. This year and to celebrate our Big Lottery grant we are considering our on-site Italian restaurant. The foods pretty good and they laid on a great spread for our volunteers' thank -you bash. Unfortunately my stomach was thwarted once again as I was committed to going out for a meal that evening with my cousin so was unable to pig out as I usually do.

And now the time is near. Yes, you guessed's lycra time!! This place is great. We have a proper secure bike shed (it's actually a bit like Fort Knox) and hot showers. I can't wait for summer. It's freezing out there today and although the Old Kent Road must be wondering what's happened to me it is now the dreaded South Circular that has to deal with the flash of yellow that is me.
Stay warm. Stay safe. Stay out of my way!!!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Dressed up as a gorilla.

Did you hear about the chap who, deparate for work, responded to an add at the local zoo. On arriving he was told that the job was to dress up as a gorilla and pretend to be one. The zoos resident gorilla had died and they couldn't afford to replace him. (or perhaps they came to realise that these creatures belong in the wild) Well he took the job, got dressed up in his gorilla outfit and got on with it. In fact he played a brilliant part and one day his boundless swinging and energy catapulted him into the cage next door...................which turned out to be the lions den. Upon seeing the lion coming towards him he screamed for help to which the 'lion' replied "shut up you fool or we'll both lose our jobs"

I like that. There is a moral there somewhere but being a bit slow I haven't spotted it yet.

You know, the one downside of doing this job of mine is the realisation of how often we get things wrong, well to be precise how often I get things wrong. It could be a miss-worded email, forgetting to return a call............all sorts of things, just letting someone down. It's rarely intentional but it happens. I just hope that when we get things wrong, the person wronged will forgive us and accept that we are no different to any of our brothers or sisters. There's a great line in the Bible (don't worry there isn't a bashing on the way!) where a bunch of people are about to throw stones at a prostitute. Jesus turns to the angry mob and says 'let the dude who ain't done no wrong throw the first stone'. The mob drop their stones and walk away.
Need I say more?
Have an awesome weekend. We are leaving these offices within the week (our postal address, 42 Curtain Road EC2A 3NH remains the same) so a few of us are going next door for a pint....or three. So no lycra tonight. The Old Kent Road will not see the flash of yellow that is usually me!!

Thursday, 5 November 2009


Did you do your homework and find out what who the soroptimists are? No? I thought not. Well the Skipton branch of this fine body of professional women turned out to be a very nice group indeed. I just did my usual stuff. Talked about how napac started, what we do, how we do it etc. I got a great reception and the feedback I received was that I was the best speaker they'd had this year. And then Helen had to go and spoil it by pointing out I may have been the only speaker they've had this year!! Thanks H!!!

But to more serious matters. No, this business we are in is serious enough so please allow me to just indulge myself with my usual irrelevant banter. Yes, Skipton was great. And next year I am going to speak to their sister branch in Keighley. Sister is the clue. Soroptimists get their name from the Latin (or is it Greek?) for sister (Soror) and optima (the best) hence - best sisters. See you've learnt something today! There are about 100,000 worldwide and it started in California in 1921.

Getting this lottery grant (see last blogs) is quite amazing. It's changed my life. I was at a function at Boris Johnson's place on Monday evening - City Hall, London and every time people asked "where do you get your funding" I grinned and said "the magnificent Big Lottery fund". And I just kept grinning and it wasn't just the wine, which being an nspcc function, was limitless and very nice. Ed Balls the Education Secretary was there as was Sir Christopher Kelly. Chris is now well known for his review of MPs expenses but he is also Chair of Trustees at nspcc. A nice chap I have to say. As, it seems, is the new Chief Executive of nspcc, Andrew Flanagan. I asked him for an early meeting and was a little surprised that he hadn't heard of napac. Why should he I hear you say. Well, as you may or may not know, napac's registered office is at 42 Curtain Road, the head office of nspcc. As we are the only other charity to be registered there I would have thought someone would tell the incoming Chief Exec about us. But no. He's been there nearly a year and hasn't heard of napac! Strange that, since there is somewhere between 8 and 18 million abuse survivors in this country. Strange and quite worrying. As were a few things said to me that evening by one or two individuals. You'd think nspcc staff would know something about abuse wouldn't you? I mean that's what they are in business to prevent isn't it? And as Ed Balls pointed out they have been around for 125 years.

I couldn't stop myself mentioning to Mr Flanagan and one or two others, that it's only when the nspcc is headed up by survivors of abuse (they use the word 'cruelty'not abuse) will it really get stuck into preventing abuse......rather than just talking about it. We'll see. I was impressed by what the new boss said but it's actions I'm intersted in. With a million kids still suffering abuse each year in this country something needs doing.

What else can I tell you? Well, we are moving offices.....again. We are just going from one part of London to another but the new premises are a lot nicer and a little cheaper. We also won't be sharing anymore and that's good news. Our current neighbours are wonderful but we are a bit noisy and they deserve their peace and quiet! We hope to move in early December.

We are pressing on with our plans to set up nationwide support groups and are having a working party meeting this weekend. We also continue to forge strong links with prisons and next week I am spending two days at HMP Manchester (okay, okay, I got sentenced to two days for being drunk and disorderly at the above mentioned function) when I hope to organise some further training for staff and prison officers. I've been to HMP Manchester (or Strangeways as it used to be called) a few times and I have to say the staff are a nice bunch, at least the ones I've met.

Finally. We continue to be blessed with an influx of wonderful new voluteers and that makes me very happy. The lottery funding will enable us to take on more full time staff next year too so I think it fair to say that it's onwards and upwards for this little charity. In fact we are not so little any more! Only the other day I was reminiscing (sorry I don't know how to spell that and this doesn't do spell-check) that it doesn't seem so long since I was doing all this from my bedroom - on my own! Actually, it is quite a long time ago......I'm just getting old and forgetful. But not too old to show a clean pair of wheels to those boy-racers on the Old Kent Road......................talking of's Lycra time again! Have a great weekend and thanks for being our friend.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Now you know!

There I go again. Getting out of that blogging habit. And sadly I haven't got time to do one now and because I'm working tomorrow (yes Saturday!) I need to go home. Loads of exciting stuff going on at napac and I will try and update you next week. But it won't be Monday or Tuesday as I'm going to Skipton to talk to the local Soroptimist group. Now there's a new one for you. This weeks home-work.............find out who the Soroptimists are............and no! they are nothing to do with the Klu Klux Klan! But don't get me started on the facists. I lost an uncle and a grandad fighting tyranny.
Have a good weekend.............if you happen to be reading this on Friday otherwise just have a good!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Big announcement!

Today the organisers announce the route of the 2010 Tour de France..............I await that news with baited breath. But of course the really big news is mentioned below. All I can say in response to this news is that we are all gobsmacked and incredibly grateful to the public who spend millions on the National Lottery!!

This appears on the Big Lottery, Reaching Communities website.

An England-wide scheme to provide a listening ear to adults who suffered trauma in their childhood is amongst 40 projects receiving funding today from the Big Lottery Fund.
Today’s announcement sees close to £11 million from BIG’s Reaching Communities programme awarded to organisations working with some of the most vulnerable and socially excluded people across the country.
Sanjay Dighe, Chair of the Big Lottery Fund’s England Committee, said: “We are delighted to see over £10.9 million going right into the heart of communities, providing support to the people who most need it. There are projects offering assistance for carers, disabled people, those with particular health conditions and a host of others. The 40 projects funded today are vital in improving health and well-being, increasing opportunities for people of all ages and building stronger communities.”

The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) receives £495,210 to increase the capacity of their national freephone support line for adults who suffered abuse as children. Volunteers are trained to offer a sympathetic ear, allowing callers the opportunity to discuss their experiences with a non-judgmental listener and be signposted to other organisations that can help them deal with past issues face-to-face.
NAPAC receives approximately 1000 calls per week and is able to answer just six per cent of these, most of which are first-time callers. The grant will enable them to expand its volunteer base to answer more of these calls. They also do presentations to GPs and other agencies as part of a campaign to raise awareness.

Chief Executive Pete Saunders said: “I cannot overstate the significance of this grant, and what it will enable NAPAC to achieve. We provide the UK’s only national free phone support line for adults who suffered any type of abuse in childhood and the Reaching Communities funding will enable us to reach out to this huge and isolated community.
“It’s easy to forget that abused children grow up and it is so important they, as adults, are given the opportunity to heal and move on with their lives. That is what we do at NAPAC: we help support people in their healing journey through the provision of a volunteer-run support line that is free and available every day of the working week. It was only lack of funding that hampered our plans to expand and meet the ever-growing demand for our unique service. This funding has untied our hands and will enable that to happen.”

Monday, 12 October 2009

Office Manager

Happy Birthday Helen!!!!
We love you. Have a lovely day.


Tomorrow I will write a slightly longer blog.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


It's only Tuesday and I am blogging. What has gone wrong? Truth is, I am representing napac at a memorial lecture in London this evening and so I have a bit of time to kill. Hey! napac might get a mention in The Sun tomorrow. I say 'might' because as I have warned you before you can never be sure what the media are going to do next or what new 'news' story will knock yours off top slot. You know........ if Katie Price or her Ex say something amazing...........that is likley to dominate the headlines. Anyway, they wanted to know what we thought about reducing the age of consent. You know, do we think its okay to legalise sex between adults and children? I mean, apparently most youngsters are having under age sex therefore they are criminals. So some professor says we should legalise it then it will make things better. Well, most people on the streets of the UK drive in excess of 30mph (the speed limit in built up areas). They are all criminals too. So let's up the speed limit to 50 or 60 then they won't be committing an offence! That will please the boy and girl racers just like lowering the age of consent will please child abusers. "Well me lud, she told me she was 13, I didn't realise she was actually only 12". I mean me lud, she's barely the same age as my granchildren, but come on what's in a year or two eh?" Mr Blitter you are 64 years old "Yes I know me lud but she was asking for it". "It's not good enough Mr Blitter, I sentence you to three months in prison".

Sorry about that but I get so mad. Last week I saw a string of pathetic sentences for child abusers and they made my blood boil. One bloke was convicted of a string of offences going back 30 years and he was RELEASED on bail to await sentence. Can you imagine how his victims must have felt? If he had been a serial bank robber (or even a shop lifter) he would be behind bars but no, stealing the life and soul of a child is somehow less serious than pinching a few quid. Actually, funny how none of those bankers are behind bars, some of them stole millions from us.

I know life is not as simple as I would like but what I did say to The Sun, and I've said it before, is we need to fundamentally change how we treat, educate and bring up our children. Most parents do a pretty good job but many do not equip their children to handle growing up and the pressures put on society. We have a weird society when it comes to things like sex. The right wing press scream blue murder if we talk about 'sex education', so we are very represssed and ignotrant on one level, but then switch on Saturday morning (kids) TV and they are talking in quite salacious terms about "what happened last night" etc. No wonder kids are confused and so prey to abusers. I saw a child wearing a head band that said 'Sexy thing'. She was about 5! What in God's name were the parents thinking? I heard of another child's tee shirt that said something like 'pole dancer in training'. It's insanity. Please let our kids be kids, definately. But also let's accept that we are not doing a very good job at protecting the most vulnerable and I'm told that there are as many children being abused today as there ever was. How tragic is that?

Why is it that survivors voices are not being heard? Why do so many people not want to address the issue that, more than any other, tears the fabric of society apart? We all know that most, not saying all, but most, of societies problems have their roots in abuse. Why don't we do something about it? And I'll end this rant with something else I've said many times. There are too many abusers in postions of power and control. If we dare to believe (and I do) that something like one in four of the population has suffered abuse in childhood then think how many abusers there must be out there? Yes, I know they are cowardly scum, but it's still frightening.

I'm going to end on a lighter note. Cycling. A confession! I fantasised about napac becoming so big that one day it would sponsor a Tour de France team and I would be right there behind them in the team car. How sad is that! Well I know that ain't ever going to happen but on Saturday I am taking part in my first ever cycle 'Sportive' event. It's a bit like a race but it isn't. Some people take it very seriously and hurtle round the course at crazy speeds, turning in very good times. Some of us, me included, will just be happy to get around the course in one piece and collect our certificate at the end. It starts and finishes on Box Hill near Dorking in Surrey. I'm not suggesting you come out because it's too far for you but please think about me just after 8am on Saturday morning. It's going to be a lot tougher than the Old Kent Road!

Stay awesome everyone, and thanks for suffering my ramblings.

Friday, 11 September 2009

It must be Friday

It is indeed. And what a long week it's been. So much going on here. And I discovered that more than 4 people read this blog, which is encouraging. Thank you!
Our plans for support groups throughout the UK are being met with a lot of encouragement, some of it cautious (quite rightly), but the overwhelming feeling (and feedback) is that this is something we need to do. The following months will see meetings and the formation of a working party to take things forward. Do not worry. We are not going to gather a massive committee because I know from experience that the best size of committee is about two!! That's if you want to get anything done! No seriously, we are gathering a very exclusive and experienced group who will look at how this is best done. We also have the able support and backing of a friend called Robert Wright, a very forward - thinking and innovative business leader who is
a survivor with a strong passion for what napac is doing. It's great to have him on board......even if he does live and work in Sweden! And there's another place that will benefit from 'napac- international' one day!

Our new girl Dawn and our old girl Helen (with able support from a cast of dozens) have produced a fantastic learning resource for napac that will be a key element of our volunteer training. In fact the cd they have produced is so good it will be fought over once word of it gets out........ so keep your mouth shut! But do keep an eye on our website for further news or better still, volunteer to be a Support Team member and you will receive a personal introduction to their amazing work. It's also worth mentioning that the cd was produced and engineered by a top guy in the sound and vision world and he is shortly to tell you all about his services on our website.....and when people hire him through napac..........we will receive a donation. I love arrangements where there are no losers, only winners!

Well as usual for a Friday the clock is fast ticking towards hometime and it's time to get on that bike. We are having cocktails at home this evening. We will be having Pisco Sour, which unless you have been to Peru, probably won't mean a thing. Suffice to say that it is made with .........Pisco (a local liquer - quite strong!) , egg whites, lemon juice, liquid sugar and ..........something else but I can't remember. What I can remember is that if I drink too much of the stuff I won't be going out with the club in the morning. Last Saturday we did 53 miles and considering I hadn't been out with the lads for nearly two months I didn't do too badly. Even managed to stay up with the fast boys up the big climbs. Oh, what to do? Drink and lie in bed tomorrow and suffer or don't drink, go out with the club..............and still suffer. I know what I should do but whenever it's a toss up between being sensible and drinking, well I bet you can guess which way it usually goes?

Have a great weekend. You know, as soon as I 'post' these blogs I almost always spot spelling or grammatical errors but you know........................just live with it. You are all winners and I'm proud to call you friends. And whats the odd typo between fiends?!!!
PS The Tour of Britain bike race starts tomorrow (Saturday 12th Sept) , follow it on ITV 4...............I think. See you at the finishing circuit race in Westminster next saturday!!!

Friday, 4 September 2009

It was a hoot!

The family barbecue that is. Most of the relatives turned up and we all had a great time........and the weather stayed fine.

As often happens with my blog (and being conscious that only 4 of you read it!) I am doing it late Friday afternoon so this really will be brief.

If you work for an organisation that uses office supplies (paper, pens, post-it notes etc) then take a look at the front page of our website, click on the '4Your Office' logo and have a read. We've got a partnership with this company who will give napac a cut of all their sales! How cool is that?

So get in touch with them (or me) and they will talk you through it!

Have a great weekend. It's been a long day!


Thursday, 27 August 2009


I am feeling very emotional just now. And it's not just because I'm blogging for the first time in a long while (forgive me) but because Helen has introduced me to 'spotify' and I am listening to music that is evoking strong memories. Memories of my late brother Mike and other members of my family, and there are quite a few of them, who have left this world for the next. Music can really do that can't it?
We are having a family gathering at our house this weekend (yes, a barbecue so sorry to have cursed the weather for you!) and it's the first time we will all be together for a long time. My sister will be there, she lost her daughter to Leaukemia many years ago but the pain of that loss remains ever present. All my brother Mikes' kids (and their mum) will be there but it won't seem right that their Dad is not there too. My eldest brother Tony died many years ago but I still think about him a lot. Mum and Dad are gone too as are all my aunts and uncles. I guess the next funerals will be ours! Now there's a happy thought for the Bank holiday weekend. looks like lots of cousins, nieces, nephews (and the 'Great' version of them!) are coming too. So....

Come on Pete snap out of it! Okay. We are going to have a good weekend and we don't care if it rains.

There is obviously too much to try and tell you about what's been going on but safe to say that, my emotions apart, everything at napac and on Planet Pete generally is going well. Those close to the charity probably know that I have just returned from South America where, amongst other things, we hiked the Inca Trail in Peru. And in the course of doing so, one of the party, our Treasurer Ken Newell, raised over £1300 for napac. When I can work out how, I will put the photos somewhere for you to see. Suffice to say, for now, how proud I was when the four of us reached Machu Picchu wearing our napac tee shirts. And yes, even on that amazing (and very tough) trek two people in our party of twelve disclosed that they had suffered childhood abuse. I can't get away from it..................what a world.

Yes, we met some truly wonderful people on our holiday. The challenge now I guess is to try and keep in touch. That shouldn't be such a big problem with this internet lark should it? We'll see. Look at me and my blogging record.

One thing's for sure. Scandinavia is another part of the world that needs a napac so watch out! We are looking to expand beyond our borders.

But in the shorter term we are planning our next big push in the UK. And that is establishing local napac support groups wherever they are needed. Quite a task. Quite a challenge. But we are up to it. We will need a lot of help (this might mean YOU!) but its the next big challenge and I know we are up to it. If you think you can help.............give me a call.

Would be good to hear from you. Well, the clock is telling me it's near that time. It's time to do battle on the Old Kent Road. White van driver is waiting for me so into my Lycra I must climb and onto the tarmac I must nose my bike. They might be cocooned in metal and plastic and have their music blaring (when they're not on their mobiles) and they may have engines, BUT I will be home before them!

Thought for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Jesus loves you. Think about it. It's a lovely thought!

Have a good one.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Summer's here at last!

But how long will it last? Until tomorrow morning I hope when I plan on going out with the cycling club.
Our national Lottery visitor has just left and a very nice chap he was too. We now have to wait until September to find out if we are getting the grant. How that would change everything for us! We have so much to do and not having to worry about money for a couple of years would be such a boost.
Talking of money, the fundraiser in Dudley was a great success. It was only a small crowd but Chrissie raised over £400 for napac and that was a great result. The Liverpool signed football went for £100 as did the signed England soccer shirt but only £10 was raised from the auction of the signed Aston Villa would have thought that being up that way (Birmingham ) it would have fetched more? Still, some you win..............
Friendly people in Dudley and the castle was quite impressive.

Well after a very tiring week it's time to head out onto the road. Have a good weekend and send our regards to your folks.
PS Still waiting for those cheques for the book and CD!!!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Time is running out.

5pm is fast approaching and I am beginning to feel the call of the wind..............well the call of the traffic on the Old Kent Road anyway.
It's been a very tiring but productive week. On Monday we had the napac AGM. On Tuesday I .................spent a lot of time in therapy! On Wednesday I visited the Body Shop Foundation in LA. (Little ampton!!) and yesterday we got confirmation that the beautiful Body Shop people would be making a substantial donation. We love them! Yesterday also saw young Helen produce our first newsletter in nearly two years. What a girl. If you are on our mailing list you will be receiving a hard copy in the post but if you are reading this then we would hope that you can let us know that we don't need to waste time, paper, postage, sweat etc because you will be able to read it on-line. It even contains some extracts from my now you know to avoid reading it.
It is the fundraising evening at Club Dudley in Dudley, West Midlands tomorrow evening and I hope it's not hot and humid driving up there. It's just that today in London. I have never visited Dudley before but apparently it has it's own castle. I shall look out for that. And if you happen to be anywhere near Club Dudley tomorrow evening (Saturday 27th June) then pay us a visit. I am always more than willing to let you buy me a pint. I am very kind like that!!
Well it's time to Lycra up and head into them hills (okay I know, I know there ain't no hills round here but I have to struggle up Cote de Loampit Hill in Lewisham on the way here in the morning then tackle the gruelling Col de Bromley on the way home). It's no fun when you are old and fat.............and let's hope that you are one day..........old I mean not fat. I'm not keen on the alternative to growing old.
Have a good one.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Sevenoaks Chronicle

Apparently we made the front page of this fine local paper yesterday. If anyone happens to hail from the Sevenoaks area please do napac a favour and get us a copy would you? Many thanks. You can also read about the child abuser case in question on the Chronicles website. It's to do with a convicted abuser being invited to perform his music in public.............not very appropriate we feel.
Have an awesome weekend and stay beautiful!

PS WE MIGHT also get a mention in the News of the World on Sunday but don't buy a copy just for that as it may not happen.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

42 Miles

Well it was only 42 miles but with the ride to the meeting place and back it was nearly 50 miles!

Now, without further ado I want you to write this in your diary. Jayne and Pauls' gig (Secret Mission) at the Railway Hotel (pub) in Bromley. Saturday evening 22nd August. Yes I know it seems a long way off but it's coming up for summer and I don't want you to miss out so write it down and tell your friend! The Railway Hotel is not a theme pub. It is a real pub and it's opposite Bromley North overground station. So, no excuses. The live music will be amazing!!!
And also, whilst you've got the diary handy write my birthday down for next year because you forgot to send me a card. It's 27th April 2010 and it lasts all day.

Well we've sent off our lottery application. If we get it..............I am buying champagne!!

I went to the dentist today. My first filling in about 15 years and guess what? I didn't cry or scream. In fact it was only mildly uncomfortable .............and he said it was a "deep filling" (sounds like some sort of apple tart).
What a hero I must be!!! (if only)

Hope your week is going well. Friends of mine are doing the London - Brighton this weekend in aid of the British Heart Foundation. If you want to sponsor them pleasevisit

All three lads have fundraised for napac in the past and I believe one good turn deserves remember how kind I have always been to you.............and remember that my Inca Trail trip in July is another opportunity to support napac as we have set up a justgiving website for that too!

Blessings to you in abundance.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Give us £6.........please.

Send us a cheque for £6 (or more if you are feeling generous) made out to 'NAPAC' and we will send you a copy of Parallel Lives, a brilliant book of poetry that contrasts the lives of two who is abused and one who isn't. It's a clever little book that explores the emotional wreckage that perpetrators leave in their wake. It won't take you long to read but it WILL move you. Cheques please to NAPAC, 42 Curtain Road. London EC2A 3NH.

The talk at the Royal College of Physicians went down a treat. Talking of treats the lunch was fabulous. Pity I was so nervous that I couldn't eat my customary 2nd and 3rd helping. Never mind, I need to loose weight. Helps going up those hills on the bike.

The 140 doctors were a lovely bunch and extremely receptive to what I had to say about supporting survivors of abuse. Many didn't have a clue so it was great to be there and to have such an impressive platform. And I gave them all leaflets so here's hoping we get one or two donations. More importantly..and this was the message I gave..........I hope they listen and hear to what survivors tell them and think twice before reaching for that prescription pad.

On Wednesday evening I went to an amazing event at Central Hall Westminster where a chap called Tony Campolo spoke. What a guy (despite being American). He had the audience in stitches as he delivered a message about Love. He talked about poverty, the sick, the young, the elderly and animals (how we mistreat them too) and how the world has gone completely off the rails and lost sight of what we should really be about ..............and that is Love.

He also pointed out to the men in the audience how we are all winners because as a sperm we were the ones who beat off the competition of 5 million other sperms to become who we are. I had never thought of that. It was often pointed out that I was a "mistake" as a child but to realise that I was a champion race-winning sperm made me feel really good................

Have great weekend (if you are reading this on Friday or Saturday) and don't forget to send that six quid........we'll get the book in the post by return.

Stay awesome and love your neighbour.

PS Big Foot Cycling Club......Saturday morning...........opposite Big Foot Cycles in Hayes, near Bromley. Be there for 8.30am..a gentle 50 miles!!!!!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

I just received this message (scroll down)from the lovely people at Wogans Perfect Recall (Channel 4). Sadly as much as they want me back I cannot go as I've already done it! But they are clearly desperate for new punters so why not have a go? Give Sinead a call.......tell her Pete FROM NAPAC put you in touch and have a bit of fun. The general knowledge questions are easy and Terry W is a nice chap. Then if you win £50k you can take us all out for dinner.

Whilst I've got you. One of our lovely supporters pointed out I would never have time to be an MP so let's forget that .Mind, those perks do seem attractive - universal hatred by the public, ranked lower even than estate agents and bankers, expenses to clean out the swimming pool and irrigate the tennis court, second mortgages at tax payers expense. As bad as it all appears (and as Stephen Fry pointed out "who hasn't fiddled at some point in their life?" Hope our treasurer isn't reading this - as if I would!!!) it has tarnished all the MPs with the same brush and I'll tell you who I think is to blame. It was a PM who famously blocked MPs getting a decent salary for what they do because the wealthy classes have never had a problem with being Members of The Club because they could afford it. BUT, Labour should have sorted this out too which is a pity because God help us all (other than the wealthy) when the other lot get back in. And it will be distasterous for child protection..that's for sure.

But I digress. What was I talking about? Never mind. Tomorrow I am addressing an esteemed audience of health care professionals at the Royal College of Physicians. My presentation title is 'Survivors of abuse - how can health professionals help?' I've waited a long time to be asked that question by such an austere body as the Royal College.........I hope I manage to tell them.

You know, I think I am more nervous about tomorrows talk than I was about visiting the dentist this morning!

Finally, it's Euro elections today......don't forget to vote!

Stay loyal. Never give up. Vote NAPAC!!!


I hope you’re keeping well! We are currently looking for new contestants for the third series of Wogan’s Perfect Recall. Unfortunately, you cannot apply to be on the show again but since you were such a great contestant we would love to hear from your friends and family! Get them to get in touch ASAP as time is running out, by either calling directly on 0207 013 4514 or sending an email with their details including:


I hope you enjoyed watching your show or you are looking forward to it when it is aired. Don’t worry if you haven’t been contacted yet we’re just waiting on channel four to confirm dates and then we’ll be in touch.

Kind regards,

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


June is my sister in law but it's also the 6th month of the year and I thought I would just blog a little blog before May ends and June begins. And once June begins you don't get a word in edgeways!!
Very little to report since last time. Still cycling to work. Still got about a thousand calls to the napac line each week and still wondering how we can manage to answer them all. Well, I know we'll probably never be able to do that which is why I will now share my next big idea with you................. napac branches in every town and city!!
Okay, now get up and think about it. Every place in this country is swarming with abuse surviors. We know that. Let's set up a network whereby any one of them who needs that sort of support can go to their local meeting. They could be held once a week. Once a fortnight. It will be down to the group. They will be autonomous, self-funding branches but they will be part of napac. They will have a solid structure and be facilitated by a trained person. I'm not saying they will be anything like an AA (alcoholics anonymous) branch in terms of structure but I would expect them to be safe, enabling places where confidentiality is paramount and support comes as given.
I was interviewed for BBC Radio 5 Live! on Friday (this is how we will be able to get great publicity for our plans) . Apparently the new Archbishop of Westminster said a few things at his investiture ceremony that some survivors of abuse found unhelpful. Apparently he said things which appeared (if not intended) to make him sound more sympathetic to the plight of abusers than to their victims. Well I had a very nice chat with Nicky Campbell and Donald Findlater live on the beeb and for the first time in a media interview I became overwhelmed with emotion and, rarely for me, found myself temporarily speechless..and that really is rare!

Someone suggested that abusers don't realise the harm they are doing when they seek "the comfort of children". I hope you are proud of my response. I didn't swear out loud but I had to point out that when an abuser is raping or buggering a child I think there is a pretty good chance that they know exactly how evil and depraved their actions are. I pointed out that the abuse of a child can never ever constitute an act of love. It is an act of hatred. It is the ultimate misuse of power and control. It is a direct attack not just on the mind and body of the child but on their very soul. And when this has been perpetrated by a clergyman................well I hope you can understand why I was speechless. I think the last thing I managed to say was that as a Christian, I know that there was no sin, no crime more evil in the sight of Jesus than to hurt a child. As for separating that child from a relationship with God....well again, what can I say?

Jesus said it all. "better you be weighted down with a mill stone and cast into the waters than take the innocence of a child". I know those weren't his exact words but you get the gist. Jesus was pretty good with words! He made it pretty clear where he stood on the issue of child abuse.

Pity more people, particularly some of our politicians, aren't the same.

Hope you are having a good week.

PS Do you think I should stand for Parliament. If napac patron Esther Rantzen is I don't see why I shouldn't! Think about it. Pete Saunders.......the NAPAC Member of Parliament.

PPS Anyone want to be my agent????

Friday, 15 May 2009

And another!

Had you fooled! Short and sweet my armpit!

Just to let you know that I made it to Brighton and back on by bike and I expect to be out of hospital sometime in June......only joking. I rode really well and apart from a spot of the runs on the way back (good job I was sitting down) I did the 116 miles without too much discomfort. I even managed to win a few sprints to the top of hills!! Not bad for an old fat git.

But you don't want to know about that..........or do you? Perhaps you should consider joining the Big Foot Cycling Club (male and female) and come out with us sometime. For proof of my age and physical state you can see photos of the Brighton ride on their website. I am the handsome one, sitting in the ambulance.

NAPAC is doing well at the moment. Our wonderful new volunteers are getting stuck into calls and we love having them on board. Our old volunteers are also wonderful and it's absolutely marvellous when our long serving people are able to come alonside the new ones. It doesn't always work out like that but we try!

I have got lots going on in my head at the moment (suprisingly for me) in terms of where napac is going and I will share some of those thoughts another time but right now I want to remind you about our Fund Raising event in Dudley on Saturday 27th June. There are some fantastic items for auction (signed Liverpool and Villa matchballs, signed England shirt etc). It's at Club Dudley in Waterloo Road, Dudley (West Midlands) and starts at 7.30. It's ticket only so somewhere on our website the wonderful Helen will hopefully put full details.
Well, it's Friday afternoon and I am trying to think of an excuse to bunk off early. How opening time? That's a good excuse. Again, only joking. I'm an athlete and besides, negotiating the Old Kent Road on the bike when sober is bad enough , how I'd manage it drunk, heavens knows. Funnily enough I've only ever been stopped for speeding twice. Once was in my car on the A56 near Manchester (the cops were brilliant. I apologised, told them the truth "I was running late officer" and they let me go) Good old British bobby. The other time was by the Royal Parks Constabulary in Richmond Park (apart 35 years ago!). Myself and 3 other riders were training there and we were exceeding the 30mph (eat your heart out Lance) speed limit. They weren't so friendly and warned us we were in danger of colliding with the deer (and those who know Richmond Park will know this) who stroll across the road. Venison steaks?? Now there's a thought.

Tonight I am having a secret meeting with Secret Mision, our rock band musician friends. There is a rumour that they are going to be doing a gig in the Bromley area. That's great news for me as they usually like to drag us all the way to the other side of London to watch them perform. When I know when they will be playing (and where) I'll let you know. Secret Mission really are different and well worth seeing................hey! I even have a Secret Mission tee shirt. Pete the 52 year old groupie!

Well I will sign off now and climb into the lycra. The Old Kent Road seems to be particularly busy on Friday evenings so I need to take care. I always say an extra prayer before making the journey because it was on that very road where I had my last crash. White van driver, on his mobile "didn't see me". Ran me off the road right next to Old Kent Road fire station then promptly drove right over my bike. Good job I had extracted my legs in time. And it was then that I discovered what a nice bunch of chaps our firemen can be. "We saw the whole thing mate, he nearly killed you". "He was on his mobile phone". "We''ll be your witnesses". Thanks chaps. It didn't do me any good. I wasn't badly hurt so the police said to forget win some???
Have an awesome weekend.

Friday the 15th

Greetings! This is another short and sweet message.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Dudley and Rita.

No, they are not a couple! Dudley is in the West Midlands and one of our supporters, Chrissie, is holding a fundraising auction and social evening there on Saturday 27th June. I'll be there! Included in the auction is an England signed soccer shirt and a Liverpool signed matchball. They must be worth a good few bob to some soccer fans? More info to follow but if you are anywhere in the West Midlands here is your opportunity to support NAPAC with a good night out.
Rita is a lovely lady who has written a very moving and clever book of poetry called 'Parallel Lives' and it will be available shortly to purchase. Again, more details to follow shortly.
In the meantime have a great Bank Holiday weekend (hope the sun keeps shining) and if you happen to find yourself in Brighton on Sunday, stay clear of any big lump on a bicycle clad in pink lycra!!

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Getting started.

Getting started is one thing. Keeping it going is quite another. Although I had every intention of being a good little blogger I realise now that I am just not cut out for this game. I know I have been neglecting you and I apologise but it's just that I have so much on my plate that I never know quite where to start and how to prioritise and the thought of blogging (which to me is quite an attractive thing to do because I like talking about myself) is just a distraction from getting on with my job....which is to expand this charity...........and raise the money to pay the phone bills. But I do believe in miracles and I'll share a little one from last week. We got a phone bill. A big phone bill. A nine hundred and something pounds phone bill! I said a little prayer (I often do) and said, "please God, let the next thing we open be a cheque" (we haven't had too many of them recently - credit crunch etc) and lo and behold, there was a cheque for £1000!!! No one can tell me that wasn't a prayer answered.
As you know we lost Julie, our Training and Development Manager. But since losing her we have found a few others. We now have Dawn, our Volunteer Coordinator and Tamsin, our volunteer Admin person. What's more this past fortnight we've seen 5 new volunteers join our Support Team (the ones who staff the free phone) so you see it's been a time of miracles!
Earlier this week I visited a great charity called St.Mungo's and spent the morning with their 'Women's Focus Group' (why am I always being asked to woman's groups? perhaps its' the pink lycra tops I wear when on my bike). What a lovely bunch of people. And what great work they do with our homeless people. They sent me a lovely email thanking me for coming along and I sent them one saying that I wish a big, well resourced charity like St.Mungos would take us under their wing.....and give us a place of our own to work from.You can only ask! There's too much to tell to know where to start so I guess the best bet is to sign off and get on with my work. I'll tell you what though. We have been getting so many calls and enquires that we have got to make this whole dream of napac so much bigger. Because in many ways it is a dream. I dream of helping the millions out there who have been absued and need help but I know we can never do that until we get more help. So, it's back to the drawing board, a bit of dreaming...and lots of prayers............PLEASE.
Look after yourself.
PS Hope to be cycling to Brighton and back on Sunday if anyone cares to join me. I don't advise it though. It will be a very painful experience!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Happy Easter

Wishing you a Happy Easter is about all I have time to say so apologies for this brief blog. Our Training and Development Manager, Julie, left today and we are feeling very sad. Still, we have another wonderful person joining us next week, on a temporary basis and I will tell you all about it soon. I am off to Liverpool in the morning for a meeting with a chap who wants to help us out with fundraising. I'll go anywhere to get money for napac and Liverpoool is as good a place as any. A fine city............and particularly as their football team (well the Red one) are sending napac a signed matchball for us to use as a fundraiser. Up the Reds!

I'll be back in blogging mode soon...............I hope!
God bless

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I warned you!

One of our wonderful Trainers (Sarah) reminded me that I hadn't blogged for ages and she's right. But I did warn you. I tend to either go full blast after something (like setting napac up) or I lose interest and forget about it (like blogging!). But now that I've started this lark, and because quite a few people are reading it, then I must make the effort. So, having not blogged for a month.............this could be a long one! Just warning you.
Well I went to Hyde Park to watch the 7in7in7 team complete their epic adventure (7 ultra marathons in 7 days on 7 different continents) but I couldn't find them! I went to Marble Arch but I either got there too early or too late. And because there was about a million people in the park, further exploration seemed pointless. Not that I would have seen our Oli anyway because he was still on a drip in a hospital in Jo'burg recovering from a nasty virus. Strange that, you wouldn't think running all those 50ks in between sleep deprivation and transcontinental economy class flights would affect you very much would you??? I'm sure I would have managed it. It's the younger generation you see. Can't take the pace!! (I'll come back to the younger generation)
Now some bad news. Our Training and Development Manager (Julie) is leaving napac. She has got herself a job in her locality with a slightly better salary (about £10k per year better!) so whilst we are devastated to be loosing her ( SHE HAS DONE A HUGE AMOUNT OF WORK FOR NAPAC) we completely understand why she has to take the job and we wish her all the very best. BUT, like most people that napac gets its hooks into, we aren't letting her go entirely because she still wants to help the charity in any way she a volunteer. Well done Julie and THANK YOU. Having you here this past year has been an amazing, educational and uplifting experience for us. How can anyone say they don't like the Welsh?

Talking of amazing women. We've just had a visit from another one called Martha Jesty. Peruvian born Martha has lived in the UK for over 20 years and has written a book about overcoming her experiences of a traumatic birthing experience. Her book is called 'Real Healing after Caesarean' and it's definately worth the read if that's happened to you......or if you are the partner of that person. To obtain a copy and to read about some of the other stuff this lovely lady does visit her website And tell her napac sent you!

What else have I been up to? Despite giving up booze for Lent (over 4 weeks now without so much as a sip of vino!) my memory still needs a kick a quick peek in the diary. Oh yes. Yesterday I went to a meeting of the Survivors Trust in Newark. Most of the dicussion was around the funding crisis in our charity sector, not sure we can call it a crisis though as I'm not sure we've ever not been in a funding crisis! If you know what I mean? napac has definately seen a drop in donations recently but we are not worried..........yet. When the Big Lottery finally comes to its senses and give us a grant and when Government realise the utter common economic sense in supporting us our worries will be over! Oh yeh!

One of our Support Team members is taking part in the Marie Curie Swimathon and will be swimming 2.5 kilometres at the Arches Leisure Centre in Greenwich on 16th April. Good luck to her. Marie Curie is a great charity, worthy of our support.

I forgot to mention. Our Office Manager Helen was in a pantomime at her church at the end of February. Julie and I went along (out of loyalty to Helen really we weren't that bothered about a panto) BUT it was FANTASTIC! I was singing and dancing in the ailes and we had a thoroughy fabulous evening. And guess who the star of the show was? You guessed! only was our Helen! She was brilliant. If she ever tires of napac (if she dare) she won't have any difficulty making it in the West End!

During the first week of March I went to Bognor Regis for the day. No, it wasn't to sit on the beach (it poured down anyway) it was to attend an event at the Butlins Conference centre organised by Littlehampton Community College. And what a great day it turned out to be. The theme was 'Peace One Day' and it was attended by 120 sixth formers and about 15 other charities. The day started with an hour long film about one mans struggle to establish an annual day of world peace. A day when everyone, everywhere put their guns down and gave peace a chance. What a fantastic prospect. One of the things my bitter, twisted and cynical brain was going to say was "until the trillion dollar arms industry gives up it's evil ways there will always be war" And I sadly know that's true. But I didn't! I said peace is in all our hands and we have to vote for people who will insist that the arms trade be turned into an unarms trade. As long as there are people making money out of death then war will be promoted. We live in a world that's lost its way don't we? We wonder why there is so much violence in society because when we don't like what people are doing in other parts of the world..............we bomb them. What's the difference.............. knifing your neighbour or firing a cruise missile at a school? The outcome of both events is highly likely to be the same.............................................more violence.
However, what made me leave the event feeling really good were the dozens of young people I spoke with. How they filled me with hope. I hate the way society always seems to pick on the younger generation. They didn't start the wars, they didn't create the atom bombs and ICBMs, they didn't institute our culture of greed (that was Mrs T wasn't it!!)? But we seem to blame them for everything. The loons who almost run me down on my bike as I cycle home from work tonight are not kids, the chief executives of tobacco and booze companies are not kids and the bankers and estate agents (some now richly rewarded) who have lead our economy to ruin..........are not kids. So let's leave them alone. God forbid I should side with David Cameron and exult us all to 'hug a hoodie' BUT I actually think he has a good point. As a famous song once said "what the world needs now is love, sweet love............not just for some but for everyone". Of course these words were penned by the greatest hero of all time...........about two thousand years ago. I like them. What a world we could have if we all lived by them? As someone else pointed out..............with love capitalism could not exist and communism would not be needed! John Lennon agreed with JC. "All you need is love".
I agree with them both!
Unil the next time!
Love one another.

PS To the lady I nearly ran down in New Cross a couple of weeks ago. Sorry! You called me an idiot and from your perspective you were right. The trouble is, when lights change you can't stop on a bike like you can in a car and whilst I never go through red lights (unlike some cyclists and hundreds of car drivers) had I tried to brake hard in the wet I would have somesaulted and cracked my skull open. As it was I kept going and missed you by about ten feet! In nearly 40 years of cycling I've never hit a pedestrian (or a car for that matter - they've always hit me) so I must be due a bump soon. So, dear friends, if you see a fat git riding towards you along the Old Kent Road and it looks like me..........................stay well clear!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Seven marathons/seven days/seven continents/bonkers!

Anyone who has braved the Atlantic and rowed from one side to the other is hardly going to be fazed by running seven marathons in a row on seven different continents. And of course, that man is.......Oliver Dudley.

But don't listen to me. Visit his plans on Facebook (you'll know how to get there) and offer your support. He's not doing it for napac this time but for another fantastic charity called Kids Company.

If I'm not working (some of us have to Oli!) I'll keep him comapny on the final leg which is in London and by my reckoning that will be about 21/22 March - yes - this March! (Mind, I'll be on my bike!)
But I'll let you investigate this lunacy yourself. One thing I do know is that if anyone can achieve such a feat it's our Oli. And what's more he'll finish with a smile on his face. I witnessed that when he landed in Barbados just over a year ago having rowed, non stop from Spain!!

Well I really do have to get on with some work now. I'm thinking of writing to that chap who presided over the billion pound losses at RBS. Apparently they've retired him off at 50 on a pension of £650K per year. He must be gutted. I'll see if he wants to come and do a bit of volunteering at napac............. but don't worry we won't let him in charge of the petty cash!

On a sombre note. All of us here at napac send our condolences to the Cameron family. The death of their son is a blow no parent should have to suffer. It's times like this that I thank God that I am a Christian because I know that little Ivan is now safely in the arms of Jesus.

Keep going everyone! Support Oli........... but don't forget napac!

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Duffy for NAPAC.
Apparently she won a load of awards at the BRITS last night. Good for her. Well done Duffy. Quite a few pop stars write songs that would seem to indicate that they know about abuse. I wish some of them would give napac a bit of support. Our freephone line is being deluged with calls and until we get the resources to expand we are restricted in how many people we can help. One thing that does my head in is when I read about some charities which not only pay massive salaries but even manage to make huge golden handshakes. I could hardly believe that Age Concern recently handed a former employee £800,000. Yes..........I repeat £800,000. That sort of money would run napac for the best part of 8 years. No wonder some people are wary of 'giving to charity'. Next time the local Age Concern rep knocks on my door I will have words. But I would clarify that much work done at local level by all sorts of charities, including Age Concern, is done voluntarily and with the very best of motives. But it also smacks of one of the many things wrong in this country. Those at the top taking the rest of us for a ride. Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive of NCVO (Nat. Council for Voluntary Organisations) was on BBC news yesterday morning and he pointed out how it is generally the poor who give most to charity. He's right of course. In the same way the poor pay more tax, pay more for everything they also give more to charity. NOT that I am knocking the better off people who support NAPAC !!! (they know who they are) ...we just need a lot more like you. Of course if every person in this country who suffered childhood abuse was to donate a pound to NAPAC, that would be the end of our financial worries.
As I sit here blogging I am conscious that my colleagues (sitting just accross from me) are beavering away at our second Big Lottery application. They are working their guts out while I'm sitting here having fun. So ....time to get back to work. We recently advertised for some new supervisors for our Support Line volunteer team and we were stunned at the level and the quality of the interest shown. We've just had to spend a lot of time sorting through the many applications we received to decide on candidates to interview. Not a task any of us enjoyed because it showed that there are a lot of people out there looking for work. Well, we've selected who we feel are some excellent candidates and I will let you know how they get on.
In the meantime..........don't forget to order your CDs (mentioned in earlier blogs) and if you live anywhere near The Standard Venue in Blackhorse Road, E17 then get along there on Thursday 2nd April (late evening) to watch Secret Mission perform live. You won't regret it! See you there?

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

NAPAC Un-muted

I mentioned a CD a couple of blogs back that you really should get hold of. It's called NAPAC Un-muted and it is very special - especially as it makes money for NAPAC. We have a stack of them in the office so get your pen out, write a cheque for £12 to 'NAPAC' and pop in post to me here at the office. The CD will reach you by return and you will be very happy with it. And we will be very happy with your £12. That's a lot of money to us as we are a very lean, keen and efficient organisation, unlike the banks!

For more details of the CD visit and scroll down.

On an equally light note it has come to my attention that I keep popping up on Paul O'Grady's 'Outtake TV'. I haven't actually seen it myself but I remember the occasion well. I was interviewed by BBC News 24 and at the end the interviewer (who was in a different studio and hence couldn't actually see me) said "Thanks Mr Blunkett". Blunkett was the then Home Secretary. I said something to the effect that I would accept the promotion and this apparently has tickled someone at Outtake TV to keep playing it..............or maybe we have a NAPAC supporter on the inside? We certainly didn't have a supporter on the inside when I did Wogan's Perfect Recall a few weeks back. They managed to cut all my mentions of NAPAC out of the programme...............which of course was the reason I was get NAPAC mentioned. Never mind, you can't win them all. But I'll keep trying!
Keep going. Support NAPAC. Buy them CDs!!!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Out of Blog out of mind

I should have warned you that as addictive as my personality is to DOING things it is equally addictive to NOT doing things and I nearly forgot to blog this week. And this is my last day at work for a few days as I'm taking a little here's a very brief account of the last few days. Well the immediate last few days have been dominated by the weather. As you know it only takes a bit of snow (particularly here in the Soft South of England) for the country to grind to halt..........and NAPAC was no different. That's not entirely true. Helen managed to battle through the elements as did some of our wonderful volunteers but yours truly was content to be snowed in for a couple of days although the resultant housework I was instructed to undertake was far more irritating than battling the snow storms. But we all learn from our mistakes. I have now invested in a set of huskies and a slay............bring it on.
To more serious matters. Last week I visited Manchester Prison, Manchester Drug Service and Radio Key 103. All very different experiences but each, very productive. The lads I visited in the prison reminded me of why we are help one another. I won't go into their stuff , suffice to say they all suffered childhood abuse and ended up in the slammer as a direct result of their cruel upbringing. Let me emphasise - NAPAC does not visit child abusers.........just their victims. And the folk at the Drug Service and KEY 103 reminded me that there are a lot of good folk out there who want to help. Same with the prison officers in Manchester. They are a great bunch of people doing a difficult job with minimal resources but one by one they tell you that they know many of the people inside simply should not be there. Don't get me wrong. We're not soft on crime here at NAPAC but as one of our Trustees commented not so long ago........some people should be locked up for much longer BUT many more should not be there at all. Everyone, from Home Secretaries upwards seem to agree that prison, as a means of effective rehabilitation, just doesn't work and I will be writing to the current Home Secretary (and friend to NAPAC) Jacqui Smith to arrange a meeting. There is much work to be done in our prisons and given how much they cost us to run it's madness not to go there.

This is going to be a very brief blog because I'm about to dash for a train, but something else I did when I went to KEY 103 Radio was to hand over a few CDs by Secret Mission. The reporter there snapped them up and I think they will get some airtime quite soon. If you haven't got your Secret Mission album yet I suggest you visit their website without hesitation and buy one. The website is is the band. AND some of the profits from sales come to NAPAC. But apart from this it's perfectly true that it is guaranteed "you have never seen or heard anything like this band" We love 'em. Go to!

Stay warm. Keep the faith!
Support NAPAC.

Monday, 26 January 2009

NAPAC Unmuted!

I know it's only Monday but I just wanted to mention that if you haven't bought a copy of the fantastic CD 'NAPAC Un-muted' yet (and I know you haven't) then you need to get a copy as soon as possible. It's a great collection of songs from some well known artists and all the proceeds go to ...............NAPAC. Please look at the NAPAC website and place your order. Better still buy Alix Chapel's book at the same and CD were made for each other! Thanks.


1 Billy’s Song by James K
2 Same Mistake by James Blunt
3 Turn the Light on Love by Dirk McCray
4 Right Tonight by James K
5 Remember Me by James K
6 Find me an Angel by Ben’s Brother
7 It Wouldn’t Take a Miracle by Dirk McCray
8 I Would Feel Whole by James K
9 House of Cards by Lahayna
10 Coming Home by Kevin Young
11 Secrets by Paul Barns & Sue Holland
12 Carry On by Ben’s brother
13 Nightmares by Damien McCarthy
14 Amazing by Seal
15 The River by James K

Friday, 23 January 2009

Welcome Mr. President

Well I warned you! Never give someone with an addictive personality something that they can easily get addicted to. I warned Barack about that when we chatted last November. I noticed in his first speech, after becoming President - Elect, that he kept saying "yes we can" and I thought, Oh boy, you've got a problem brother. So I told him not to do it during his inaugural speech and he took my advice. Also did you notice that he mentioned the importance of "nurturing our children"? Well I suggested that to him and was glad he took that advice too. I think he may prove quite a decent President - this week I am proudly wearing my stars and stripes badge to honour Bazza (as his friends like to call him) and the whole of the American people who have courageously elected him. He represents all our hopes for the future and I, for one, will pray for him everyday that he really does make the difference this world dearly needs. If you haven't watched his first speech as President I would urge you to do so. It is truly inspiring. As he stands before the Capitol buliding you may spot that he is wearing his napac badge though to the untrained eye it may appear to be the stars and stripes.

Talking of global happenings please remember our round-the-world biker Johnny Hall. I give below his blog details so you can see where he is in his brave quest to raise money for napac and the Lothlorien Centre in Scotland. Well done Johnny... we're thinking about you.

I am visiting Manchester Prison next week. I'll be talking to some of the prison officers and meeting up with a few of the prisoners. We get quite a few letters from people 'inside' and I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you to know that most of the prison population have suffered childhood abuse. That's not to say that napac is soft on crime. Quite the reverse. There are some people who need locking up (particulary child abusers) but I can't get Tony Blair's famous words out of my head "tough on crime and tough on the CAUSES of crime". Well the UK still locks up more people than just about any other European country but I'm yet to be convinced that we are being as tough on those "causes" as we should be. Come on Gordon get your finger out...........or I may have to have a word with Bazza about you!

Have a good weekend. It looks like it's going to be a wet one in London.


Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I can't believe I am actually doing this, blogging two weeks in a row. Mind you, our record breaking Atlantic rower, Oliver Dudley did a blog every day in between his 12 hours of daily I shouldn't complain. He had nothing better to do of course and I suppose if I had ten foot waves crashing over my rowing boat in the middle of the ocean I would probably do a bit of blogging to keep my mind off things. Oli came to our Christmas party. It was fantastic to see him especially as he came bearing gifts. He brought us a lovely framed picture of La Mondiale (the boat!) and crew, a beautiful book about horses by Brough Scott (signed by Brough himself) and a copy of the Guniness Book of Records 2009 which features (pg110) a picture of La Mondiale and crew. Sadly it shows the side of the boat which didn't have the NAPAC logo so we're kicking ourselves about that but it was still a fantastic achievement for NAPAC to be so closely associated with. And Oli raised a LOT of money for NAPAC into the bargain. Thanks Mate! And thanks for the question and answer session. Everyone at the party was enthralled by your ocean tales and I hope we can organise another evening just to listen to your account of this incredible record breaking journey.
Someone else who came to the party was local MP Simon Hughes (see the pics on the website). He gave out certificates to our wonderful Support Team volunteers and he has just confirmed that he would be delighted to become one of our patrons. That's good news for NAPAC as Simon is very well known, commands great respect from parliamentary colleagues (as well as the general public) and we are privileged to have him on keep up the nautical metaphors!
Those of you who know me well (the unlucky ones!) will testify that I like the sound of my own voice. Well I have to admit that I'm quite enjoying this blogging lark too BUT I must get back to work.......and to keeping an eye on those girls (those responsible for getting me into all this). Those of you fortunate not to know me but wanting to have a look and a laugh can watch me be humiliated on 'Wogans Perfect Recall' on Channel 4 at 5pm next Thursday (29th Jan). I am swiftly knocked out of the TV quiz but at least I managed to mention NAPAC a few times and even El Tel himself seemed genuinely interested in what we do..................and now that I come to think about it, it was those girls (well, Helen) that got me into that fine mess too. Thanks a bunch!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I warned you!

I knew I wouldn't be a very good blogger. I was told as a child I would never be any blogging good to anyone. However, I am still here and pleased to announce that NAPAC has finally moved offices.............upstairs to the 4th floor. It's a bit cramped compared to downstairs but our volunteers like it and it will do us until we move into the Gerkin or the Shard of Glass depending on when the millions start flowing in!

It was such a shame that we had to close the support line over the Christmas and New Year period but the new offices are alarmed and securely locked, so to expect our people to get in would have been like asking them to break in to Fort Knox. But we are here now and happy.

We have great plans for NAPAC for 2009 and the only thing holding us the lack of money. But we are working on that too. We just got past the first round of the Big Lottery application process and are keeping fingers crossed for that and we have a number of other smaller funders who have expressed a desire to support us in 2009. Bless them.

So keep watching this space (every few months mind) and I will endevour to to keep you updated.

God bless you and ............Happy New Year!
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