Thursday, 30 April 2009

Getting started.

Getting started is one thing. Keeping it going is quite another. Although I had every intention of being a good little blogger I realise now that I am just not cut out for this game. I know I have been neglecting you and I apologise but it's just that I have so much on my plate that I never know quite where to start and how to prioritise and the thought of blogging (which to me is quite an attractive thing to do because I like talking about myself) is just a distraction from getting on with my job....which is to expand this charity...........and raise the money to pay the phone bills. But I do believe in miracles and I'll share a little one from last week. We got a phone bill. A big phone bill. A nine hundred and something pounds phone bill! I said a little prayer (I often do) and said, "please God, let the next thing we open be a cheque" (we haven't had too many of them recently - credit crunch etc) and lo and behold, there was a cheque for £1000!!! No one can tell me that wasn't a prayer answered.
As you know we lost Julie, our Training and Development Manager. But since losing her we have found a few others. We now have Dawn, our Volunteer Coordinator and Tamsin, our volunteer Admin person. What's more this past fortnight we've seen 5 new volunteers join our Support Team (the ones who staff the free phone) so you see it's been a time of miracles!
Earlier this week I visited a great charity called St.Mungo's and spent the morning with their 'Women's Focus Group' (why am I always being asked to woman's groups? perhaps its' the pink lycra tops I wear when on my bike). What a lovely bunch of people. And what great work they do with our homeless people. They sent me a lovely email thanking me for coming along and I sent them one saying that I wish a big, well resourced charity like St.Mungos would take us under their wing.....and give us a place of our own to work from.You can only ask! There's too much to tell to know where to start so I guess the best bet is to sign off and get on with my work. I'll tell you what though. We have been getting so many calls and enquires that we have got to make this whole dream of napac so much bigger. Because in many ways it is a dream. I dream of helping the millions out there who have been absued and need help but I know we can never do that until we get more help. So, it's back to the drawing board, a bit of dreaming...and lots of prayers............PLEASE.
Look after yourself.
PS Hope to be cycling to Brighton and back on Sunday if anyone cares to join me. I don't advise it though. It will be a very painful experience!
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