Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy New Year

We are more than a week into the new year so I thought it time to say "HNY" to those I haven't already spoken to. And what a cold one we've got. I haven't ridden the bike for two weeks and see little prospect of getting to work on it anytime soon. Yesterday it took me over two hours to get here by public transport. I don't know. A bit of bad weather and everything falls apart. But not NAPAC. Oh no, it will take a bit more than sub zero temperatures and 3 feet of snow to close us down. Ok! no it won't. But we are all doing our best to keep the service running and I can't thank enough, the amazing volunteers who have been battling the elements to get in. I have to repeat something I said a while ago..........we are truly blessed.

Our Christmas party was a great sucess, the best yet I've been told. We ate, drink and got very merry. Actually I've just remembered one of our voluteers took some group photos. I must try and find out whether they are legal ie can they be shown to the general public?

On Sunday, weather permitting, I am taking part in the The Big Questions on BBC1. It's Nicky Campbell. Good chap. Not sure I'll get to say very much but you know I always try to stick my oar in if possible. If you have nothing better to do then tune in at 10am. I have to say however that a so-called friend of mine suggested I wear something 'slimming' as TV piles on the weight. That wasn't very nice was it? I know I'm overweight but don't need reminding of it. Still, I forgive him! He's probably just envious that I'm getting another 5 minutes of fame! Envy, there's an interesting term. Aren't we all a little envious of others at some point? Come on, be honest. it's part of being human. My favourite Christmas presy is undoudtedly my signed copy of Mark Cavendish's autobiography. When I read of his exploits on the road, of winning stages of the Tour de France, I was a little bit envious. Could that have been me? (of course not) but it was a dream I always had so yes, I am a little envious of Mark. But what to do with envy? Well, turn it into love. I love Mark Cavendish! He is a brilliant cyclist and I wish him all the very best. He is a role model. He is a clean living lad and he has an amazing gift. The other thing I love about him is his selfless praise of his helpers and supporters. I love how he equates winning big races to scoring the winning goals in the Cup Final. The scorer gets the glory, but he couldn't do it without the support of his team Well done Mark. And good luck to all our amazing racing cyclists as they set out to take the roads and tracks of the world by storm. I'm right behind you..................miles behind you!

Finally, please spare a thought for our friend and Patron Sara Payne. Sara was taken very ill just before Christmas. You might have seen it on the news? She remains very unwell and in need of our love, support and prayers. We send her our very warmest wishes and look forward to a full recovery. Likewise, remember our other Patron Shy Keenan. Shy is well, thank God, but she is Sara's best friend and we need to support her to. Come to think of it, we all need to support each other. 2010 is going to be a great year for napac and all who sail in her.
Keep in touch with us and if you haven't visited in the past think about doing so this year. We would love to see you (with cheque book in hand..........only joking!)

Happy New Year.
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