Thursday, 13 November 2008

Well here's the first 'blog' I've ever undertaken. Thanks for setting this up Helen. I'm sure no one will read it!
Anyway, just to let anyone who is reading it know that yesterday (12th November 2008) I did two Radio and one TV interview. The Radio interviews were about the murder of Baby P in Haringey . I said we need an enquiry comprised of people who are actually passionate about child protection - including adult survivors of abuse and children's representatives and not a retired 'Peer' who we can't really trust to get it right. The TV interview was for ITV in Jersey, Channel Islands, and was about the startling but welcome revelation that there don't appear to have been any murders at children's homes on the islands. However, I said that that must not be a distraction from the fact that abuse of children was widespread, perpetrators need to be brought to justice and most importantly the victims of abuse should be properly supported as abuse has life-long damaging consequences. But as usual most of this falls on deaf ears! I hope you aren't!!
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