Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I warned you!

I knew I wouldn't be a very good blogger. I was told as a child I would never be any blogging good to anyone. However, I am still here and pleased to announce that NAPAC has finally moved offices.............upstairs to the 4th floor. It's a bit cramped compared to downstairs but our volunteers like it and it will do us until we move into the Gerkin or the Shard of Glass depending on when the millions start flowing in!

It was such a shame that we had to close the support line over the Christmas and New Year period but the new offices are alarmed and securely locked, so to expect our people to get in would have been like asking them to break in to Fort Knox. But we are here now and happy.

We have great plans for NAPAC for 2009 and the only thing holding us the lack of money. But we are working on that too. We just got past the first round of the Big Lottery application process and are keeping fingers crossed for that and we have a number of other smaller funders who have expressed a desire to support us in 2009. Bless them.

So keep watching this space (every few months mind) and I will endevour to to keep you updated.

God bless you and ............Happy New Year!
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