Friday, 23 January 2009

Welcome Mr. President

Well I warned you! Never give someone with an addictive personality something that they can easily get addicted to. I warned Barack about that when we chatted last November. I noticed in his first speech, after becoming President - Elect, that he kept saying "yes we can" and I thought, Oh boy, you've got a problem brother. So I told him not to do it during his inaugural speech and he took my advice. Also did you notice that he mentioned the importance of "nurturing our children"? Well I suggested that to him and was glad he took that advice too. I think he may prove quite a decent President - this week I am proudly wearing my stars and stripes badge to honour Bazza (as his friends like to call him) and the whole of the American people who have courageously elected him. He represents all our hopes for the future and I, for one, will pray for him everyday that he really does make the difference this world dearly needs. If you haven't watched his first speech as President I would urge you to do so. It is truly inspiring. As he stands before the Capitol buliding you may spot that he is wearing his napac badge though to the untrained eye it may appear to be the stars and stripes.

Talking of global happenings please remember our round-the-world biker Johnny Hall. I give below his blog details so you can see where he is in his brave quest to raise money for napac and the Lothlorien Centre in Scotland. Well done Johnny... we're thinking about you.

I am visiting Manchester Prison next week. I'll be talking to some of the prison officers and meeting up with a few of the prisoners. We get quite a few letters from people 'inside' and I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you to know that most of the prison population have suffered childhood abuse. That's not to say that napac is soft on crime. Quite the reverse. There are some people who need locking up (particulary child abusers) but I can't get Tony Blair's famous words out of my head "tough on crime and tough on the CAUSES of crime". Well the UK still locks up more people than just about any other European country but I'm yet to be convinced that we are being as tough on those "causes" as we should be. Come on Gordon get your finger out...........or I may have to have a word with Bazza about you!

Have a good weekend. It looks like it's going to be a wet one in London.

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