Wednesday, 11 February 2009

NAPAC Un-muted

I mentioned a CD a couple of blogs back that you really should get hold of. It's called NAPAC Un-muted and it is very special - especially as it makes money for NAPAC. We have a stack of them in the office so get your pen out, write a cheque for £12 to 'NAPAC' and pop in post to me here at the office. The CD will reach you by return and you will be very happy with it. And we will be very happy with your £12. That's a lot of money to us as we are a very lean, keen and efficient organisation, unlike the banks!

For more details of the CD visit and scroll down.

On an equally light note it has come to my attention that I keep popping up on Paul O'Grady's 'Outtake TV'. I haven't actually seen it myself but I remember the occasion well. I was interviewed by BBC News 24 and at the end the interviewer (who was in a different studio and hence couldn't actually see me) said "Thanks Mr Blunkett". Blunkett was the then Home Secretary. I said something to the effect that I would accept the promotion and this apparently has tickled someone at Outtake TV to keep playing it..............or maybe we have a NAPAC supporter on the inside? We certainly didn't have a supporter on the inside when I did Wogan's Perfect Recall a few weeks back. They managed to cut all my mentions of NAPAC out of the programme...............which of course was the reason I was get NAPAC mentioned. Never mind, you can't win them all. But I'll keep trying!
Keep going. Support NAPAC. Buy them CDs!!!
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