Thursday, 26 February 2009

Seven marathons/seven days/seven continents/bonkers!

Anyone who has braved the Atlantic and rowed from one side to the other is hardly going to be fazed by running seven marathons in a row on seven different continents. And of course, that man is.......Oliver Dudley.

But don't listen to me. Visit his plans on Facebook (you'll know how to get there) and offer your support. He's not doing it for napac this time but for another fantastic charity called Kids Company.

If I'm not working (some of us have to Oli!) I'll keep him comapny on the final leg which is in London and by my reckoning that will be about 21/22 March - yes - this March! (Mind, I'll be on my bike!)
But I'll let you investigate this lunacy yourself. One thing I do know is that if anyone can achieve such a feat it's our Oli. And what's more he'll finish with a smile on his face. I witnessed that when he landed in Barbados just over a year ago having rowed, non stop from Spain!!

Well I really do have to get on with some work now. I'm thinking of writing to that chap who presided over the billion pound losses at RBS. Apparently they've retired him off at 50 on a pension of £650K per year. He must be gutted. I'll see if he wants to come and do a bit of volunteering at napac............. but don't worry we won't let him in charge of the petty cash!

On a sombre note. All of us here at napac send our condolences to the Cameron family. The death of their son is a blow no parent should have to suffer. It's times like this that I thank God that I am a Christian because I know that little Ivan is now safely in the arms of Jesus.

Keep going everyone! Support Oli........... but don't forget napac!
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