Wednesday, 27 May 2009


June is my sister in law but it's also the 6th month of the year and I thought I would just blog a little blog before May ends and June begins. And once June begins you don't get a word in edgeways!!
Very little to report since last time. Still cycling to work. Still got about a thousand calls to the napac line each week and still wondering how we can manage to answer them all. Well, I know we'll probably never be able to do that which is why I will now share my next big idea with you................. napac branches in every town and city!!
Okay, now get up and think about it. Every place in this country is swarming with abuse surviors. We know that. Let's set up a network whereby any one of them who needs that sort of support can go to their local meeting. They could be held once a week. Once a fortnight. It will be down to the group. They will be autonomous, self-funding branches but they will be part of napac. They will have a solid structure and be facilitated by a trained person. I'm not saying they will be anything like an AA (alcoholics anonymous) branch in terms of structure but I would expect them to be safe, enabling places where confidentiality is paramount and support comes as given.
I was interviewed for BBC Radio 5 Live! on Friday (this is how we will be able to get great publicity for our plans) . Apparently the new Archbishop of Westminster said a few things at his investiture ceremony that some survivors of abuse found unhelpful. Apparently he said things which appeared (if not intended) to make him sound more sympathetic to the plight of abusers than to their victims. Well I had a very nice chat with Nicky Campbell and Donald Findlater live on the beeb and for the first time in a media interview I became overwhelmed with emotion and, rarely for me, found myself temporarily speechless..and that really is rare!

Someone suggested that abusers don't realise the harm they are doing when they seek "the comfort of children". I hope you are proud of my response. I didn't swear out loud but I had to point out that when an abuser is raping or buggering a child I think there is a pretty good chance that they know exactly how evil and depraved their actions are. I pointed out that the abuse of a child can never ever constitute an act of love. It is an act of hatred. It is the ultimate misuse of power and control. It is a direct attack not just on the mind and body of the child but on their very soul. And when this has been perpetrated by a clergyman................well I hope you can understand why I was speechless. I think the last thing I managed to say was that as a Christian, I know that there was no sin, no crime more evil in the sight of Jesus than to hurt a child. As for separating that child from a relationship with God....well again, what can I say?

Jesus said it all. "better you be weighted down with a mill stone and cast into the waters than take the innocence of a child". I know those weren't his exact words but you get the gist. Jesus was pretty good with words! He made it pretty clear where he stood on the issue of child abuse.

Pity more people, particularly some of our politicians, aren't the same.

Hope you are having a good week.

PS Do you think I should stand for Parliament. If napac patron Esther Rantzen is I don't see why I shouldn't! Think about it. Pete Saunders.......the NAPAC Member of Parliament.

PPS Anyone want to be my agent????
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