Thursday, 4 June 2009

I just received this message (scroll down)from the lovely people at Wogans Perfect Recall (Channel 4). Sadly as much as they want me back I cannot go as I've already done it! But they are clearly desperate for new punters so why not have a go? Give Sinead a call.......tell her Pete FROM NAPAC put you in touch and have a bit of fun. The general knowledge questions are easy and Terry W is a nice chap. Then if you win £50k you can take us all out for dinner.

Whilst I've got you. One of our lovely supporters pointed out I would never have time to be an MP so let's forget that .Mind, those perks do seem attractive - universal hatred by the public, ranked lower even than estate agents and bankers, expenses to clean out the swimming pool and irrigate the tennis court, second mortgages at tax payers expense. As bad as it all appears (and as Stephen Fry pointed out "who hasn't fiddled at some point in their life?" Hope our treasurer isn't reading this - as if I would!!!) it has tarnished all the MPs with the same brush and I'll tell you who I think is to blame. It was a PM who famously blocked MPs getting a decent salary for what they do because the wealthy classes have never had a problem with being Members of The Club because they could afford it. BUT, Labour should have sorted this out too which is a pity because God help us all (other than the wealthy) when the other lot get back in. And it will be distasterous for child protection..that's for sure.

But I digress. What was I talking about? Never mind. Tomorrow I am addressing an esteemed audience of health care professionals at the Royal College of Physicians. My presentation title is 'Survivors of abuse - how can health professionals help?' I've waited a long time to be asked that question by such an austere body as the Royal College.........I hope I manage to tell them.

You know, I think I am more nervous about tomorrows talk than I was about visiting the dentist this morning!

Finally, it's Euro elections today......don't forget to vote!

Stay loyal. Never give up. Vote NAPAC!!!


I hope you’re keeping well! We are currently looking for new contestants for the third series of Wogan’s Perfect Recall. Unfortunately, you cannot apply to be on the show again but since you were such a great contestant we would love to hear from your friends and family! Get them to get in touch ASAP as time is running out, by either calling directly on 0207 013 4514 or sending an email with their details including:


I hope you enjoyed watching your show or you are looking forward to it when it is aired. Don’t worry if you haven’t been contacted yet we’re just waiting on channel four to confirm dates and then we’ll be in touch.

Kind regards,
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