Friday, 3 July 2009

Summer's here at last!

But how long will it last? Until tomorrow morning I hope when I plan on going out with the cycling club.
Our national Lottery visitor has just left and a very nice chap he was too. We now have to wait until September to find out if we are getting the grant. How that would change everything for us! We have so much to do and not having to worry about money for a couple of years would be such a boost.
Talking of money, the fundraiser in Dudley was a great success. It was only a small crowd but Chrissie raised over £400 for napac and that was a great result. The Liverpool signed football went for £100 as did the signed England soccer shirt but only £10 was raised from the auction of the signed Aston Villa would have thought that being up that way (Birmingham ) it would have fetched more? Still, some you win..............
Friendly people in Dudley and the castle was quite impressive.

Well after a very tiring week it's time to head out onto the road. Have a good weekend and send our regards to your folks.
PS Still waiting for those cheques for the book and CD!!!
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