Friday, 26 June 2009

Time is running out.

5pm is fast approaching and I am beginning to feel the call of the wind..............well the call of the traffic on the Old Kent Road anyway.
It's been a very tiring but productive week. On Monday we had the napac AGM. On Tuesday I .................spent a lot of time in therapy! On Wednesday I visited the Body Shop Foundation in LA. (Little ampton!!) and yesterday we got confirmation that the beautiful Body Shop people would be making a substantial donation. We love them! Yesterday also saw young Helen produce our first newsletter in nearly two years. What a girl. If you are on our mailing list you will be receiving a hard copy in the post but if you are reading this then we would hope that you can let us know that we don't need to waste time, paper, postage, sweat etc because you will be able to read it on-line. It even contains some extracts from my now you know to avoid reading it.
It is the fundraising evening at Club Dudley in Dudley, West Midlands tomorrow evening and I hope it's not hot and humid driving up there. It's just that today in London. I have never visited Dudley before but apparently it has it's own castle. I shall look out for that. And if you happen to be anywhere near Club Dudley tomorrow evening (Saturday 27th June) then pay us a visit. I am always more than willing to let you buy me a pint. I am very kind like that!!
Well it's time to Lycra up and head into them hills (okay I know, I know there ain't no hills round here but I have to struggle up Cote de Loampit Hill in Lewisham on the way here in the morning then tackle the gruelling Col de Bromley on the way home). It's no fun when you are old and fat.............and let's hope that you are one day..........old I mean not fat. I'm not keen on the alternative to growing old.
Have a good one.
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