Friday, 27 November 2009

Dressed up as a gorilla.

Did you hear about the chap who, deparate for work, responded to an add at the local zoo. On arriving he was told that the job was to dress up as a gorilla and pretend to be one. The zoos resident gorilla had died and they couldn't afford to replace him. (or perhaps they came to realise that these creatures belong in the wild) Well he took the job, got dressed up in his gorilla outfit and got on with it. In fact he played a brilliant part and one day his boundless swinging and energy catapulted him into the cage next door...................which turned out to be the lions den. Upon seeing the lion coming towards him he screamed for help to which the 'lion' replied "shut up you fool or we'll both lose our jobs"

I like that. There is a moral there somewhere but being a bit slow I haven't spotted it yet.

You know, the one downside of doing this job of mine is the realisation of how often we get things wrong, well to be precise how often I get things wrong. It could be a miss-worded email, forgetting to return a call............all sorts of things, just letting someone down. It's rarely intentional but it happens. I just hope that when we get things wrong, the person wronged will forgive us and accept that we are no different to any of our brothers or sisters. There's a great line in the Bible (don't worry there isn't a bashing on the way!) where a bunch of people are about to throw stones at a prostitute. Jesus turns to the angry mob and says 'let the dude who ain't done no wrong throw the first stone'. The mob drop their stones and walk away.
Need I say more?
Have an awesome weekend. We are leaving these offices within the week (our postal address, 42 Curtain Road EC2A 3NH remains the same) so a few of us are going next door for a pint....or three. So no lycra tonight. The Old Kent Road will not see the flash of yellow that is usually me!!
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