Tuesday, 15 December 2009

We've moved!!!

But as I said in my last blog, our correspondence address remains the same so if you want to write in and you don't know where we actually are (because we only give our home address to friends and family...........and those with money) then it is still NAPAC 42 Curtain Road. London EC2A 3NH.

Did you see me on BBC TV News Channel on Sunday? No. Well go to the back of the class. I was talking about the scandal of the Catholic Chuch abuse cover-ups in Ireland. I tried to be balanced but it was hard. I was brought up as a Roman Catholic and the vast majority of them are fine Christian people.............BUT.........they've been lead by wolves in sheeps clothing and it's about time the people took back their Church from the devils' people who seem to run it.

Enough of that. I start to get angry and slam the key board when I think about priests and others abusing children.

And I just read that Vanessa George (nursery nurse!)has received an indeterminate public protection jail sentence for her hideous crimes against little tots. I hope the judges comment is right and that this woman will not see the light of day until the 'experts' deem her not to be a threat to children any more.

Well Christmas is fast approaching and I cannot believe how nice our new little office is. It's almost luxurious...........though I do miss our former neighbours.

Last year the staff Christmas dinner was in our local Weatherspoons at Elephant and Castle. This year and to celebrate our Big Lottery grant we are considering our on-site Italian restaurant. The foods pretty good and they laid on a great spread for our volunteers' thank -you bash. Unfortunately my stomach was thwarted once again as I was committed to going out for a meal that evening with my cousin so was unable to pig out as I usually do.

And now the time is near. Yes, you guessed it............it's lycra time!! This place is great. We have a proper secure bike shed (it's actually a bit like Fort Knox) and hot showers. I can't wait for summer. It's freezing out there today and although the Old Kent Road must be wondering what's happened to me it is now the dreaded South Circular that has to deal with the flash of yellow that is me.
Stay warm. Stay safe. Stay out of my way!!!
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