Friday, 12 June 2009

Give us £6.........please.

Send us a cheque for £6 (or more if you are feeling generous) made out to 'NAPAC' and we will send you a copy of Parallel Lives, a brilliant book of poetry that contrasts the lives of two who is abused and one who isn't. It's a clever little book that explores the emotional wreckage that perpetrators leave in their wake. It won't take you long to read but it WILL move you. Cheques please to NAPAC, 42 Curtain Road. London EC2A 3NH.

The talk at the Royal College of Physicians went down a treat. Talking of treats the lunch was fabulous. Pity I was so nervous that I couldn't eat my customary 2nd and 3rd helping. Never mind, I need to loose weight. Helps going up those hills on the bike.

The 140 doctors were a lovely bunch and extremely receptive to what I had to say about supporting survivors of abuse. Many didn't have a clue so it was great to be there and to have such an impressive platform. And I gave them all leaflets so here's hoping we get one or two donations. More importantly..and this was the message I gave..........I hope they listen and hear to what survivors tell them and think twice before reaching for that prescription pad.

On Wednesday evening I went to an amazing event at Central Hall Westminster where a chap called Tony Campolo spoke. What a guy (despite being American). He had the audience in stitches as he delivered a message about Love. He talked about poverty, the sick, the young, the elderly and animals (how we mistreat them too) and how the world has gone completely off the rails and lost sight of what we should really be about ..............and that is Love.

He also pointed out to the men in the audience how we are all winners because as a sperm we were the ones who beat off the competition of 5 million other sperms to become who we are. I had never thought of that. It was often pointed out that I was a "mistake" as a child but to realise that I was a champion race-winning sperm made me feel really good................

Have great weekend (if you are reading this on Friday or Saturday) and don't forget to send that six quid........we'll get the book in the post by return.

Stay awesome and love your neighbour.

PS Big Foot Cycling Club......Saturday morning...........opposite Big Foot Cycles in Hayes, near Bromley. Be there for 8.30am..a gentle 50 miles!!!!!
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